Phone Call

15 minutes

Not sure what kind of training you need? Want to get to know Sarah before you move forward with a training package? This option is for you.

*Please note that specific questions regarding training or behaviour will not be answered on these calls.


40 minutes – online via Zoom*

Whether you’re a first time dog owner or looking to add a second (third, or fourth) to your household, this is a great choice. Sarah will help you devise a plan to make it a smooth transition and set the whole family up for success.

Skill Development

1.5 hour initial
1 hour follow-up

There is no age limit or need for previous experience when it comes to skill development, there is always something new for our dogs to learn or brush up on!

  • Basics (sit, down, leave it/off)
  • Settle & focus
  • New puppy or adoption
  • General manners
  • Loose-leash walking
  • Recall/off-leash safety

Behaviour Modification

2 hour initial
1 hour follow-up

For those looking to address behaviour concerns with their dog and are dedicated to working together for lasting change.

  • Fearful or anxious behaviour
  • Dog/human reactivity
  • Leash frustration
  • Handling sensitivity
  • Resource guarding
  • New adoptions

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