Frequently Asked Questions

Covid-19 response

what methods do you use?

what equipment do you use?

Our preferred pieces of equipment are a well-fitted harness with front and back clip attachment along with a 6-8ft flat leash. For certain exercises, we will swap out our regular leash for a long-line (15-30ft). We won’t use any equipment that will cause your dog discomfort.

WILL YOU WORK WITH ME if i have used other methods or equipment?

Of course! We understand that many factors can cause owners to use aversive equipment or methods, including guidance from a trusted individual, peer pressure or even just simple frustration. If you are open to following our methods, SWEETGRASS DOGS is happy to help.

where will training sessions take place?

SWEETGRASS DOGS doesn’t have a physical location, so all training sessions will take place either in your home or at an agreed upon location.

do you use food in training?

isn’t food a bribe?

It can be, which is why timing is so important in dog training. SWEETGRASS DOGS will teach you how to reward your dog accurately so you never have to say “they only do it when they know I have a treat”

when can i stop using treats?

While phasing out food rewards may be possible for certain simple behaviours, phasing out rewards all-together is not. Keep in mind, rewards can come in a number of ways – food, toys, attention – and provide invaluable feedback for our dogs. Without that feedback, our dogs’ good behaviours can begin to backslide. Reward what you want to see repeated!

THINK OF IT THIS WAY: At your job you are being praised and paid well for your work. A few weeks go by and suddenly the pay drops off… even though you’re still doing the same amount of work and receiving praise. You continue working for a short while, expecting the pay to resume. But it doesn’t. Do you keep working? Probably not!

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